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Fujifilm Featured Products at RSNA 2022

Enterprise Imaging

Synapse 7x

Fujifilm’s enterprise PACS unites the award-winning Synapse® Radiology PACS, Cardiology PACS, and VNA on one universal viewer, with dozens of native 3D and AI applications at your fingertips to further enhance diagnostic confidence. Synapse 7x's enterprise-wide platform also supports cloud-based and on-site implementations.

Synapse PACS

As the foundation to Synapse 7x, Synapse PACS uses server-side technology to display radiology, mammography, cardiology, and specialty department imaging on one zero-download viewer for enhanced content access and standardized workflow. Fujifilm’s vendor-neutral architecture and extensive integration capabilities power immediate access to cardiovascular analyses and reports, while robust AI applications bring revolutionary interpretation insights directly within the Synapse PACS workflow.
Radiology features
  • Secure, scalable, server-based design accommodates enterprise-wide demands, with support for specialty service lines and advanced visualization.
  • Zero-download, cloud-supported viewer enables on-demand and remote access to unified image data and standardizes workflow.
  • Extensive AI algorithms drive personalized workflows through Synapse PACS.
Cardiology features
  • Server-side architecture enables immediate access to imaging, analysis, and reporting for all cardiovascular diagnostic exams.
  • Vendor-neutral architecture supports extensive cardiovascular modality integrations.
  • Inherent, automated, advanced reporting streamlines workflow.

Synapse VNA

As the core of Synapse 7x, Fujifilm’s industry-leading Synapse VNA provides access, control, and management of clinical content from across the enterprise, regardless of the generating source, file format, or siloed storage system. The robust solution also supports encounters-based workflows by automating content ingestion, associating it with the patient record, and seamlessly making it available to those who need it.

Synapse EIS

As one of the most comprehensive workflow management solutions on the market, Synapse Enterprise Information System (EIS) extends beyond its RIS foundation to centralize imaging content from across the enterprise, streamline end-user workflow, enhance patient and provider engagement, and boost business ROI. The comprehensive solution also integrates with Synapse PACS to operate as one, all-inclusive system.

Synapse 3D

An essential solution within Synapse 7x, Synapse 3D’s server-based technology performs state-of-the-art image analyses that assist with interpretation, reporting, and treatment planning. The comprehensive technology offers more than 50 unique specialty applications designed with zero-click preprocessing, work-state handoffs, common user interfaces, and customized settings for optimized workflow.

Synapse Analytics

Central to helping healthcare organizations unify data analysis through one central location, Synapse Analytics is a cloud-based, data-mining extraction engine for the Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio. This secure and customizable technology tracks critical data for every level of the healthcare organization, including trends for procedure volume and turnaround time, lab operation efficiency, profitability, diagnostic accuracy, and more.

Synapse Cloud Services

Fujifilm’s Synapse Cloud Services support cloud-based initiatives for the complete enterprise imaging portfolio. This scalable, secure technology offers three distinct delivery models—hosting, storage and archiving, and disaster recovery—to meet the evolving needs of today’s enterprises in a cost-effective, secure, and HIPAA-compliant manner.

Synapse AI Platform

A contemporary component of Synapse 7x, the Synapse AI Platform uses open APIs to support extensive Fujifilm and third-party algorithms along with an advanced rules engine to bring your preferred algorithms directly within Synapse PACS workflow. The platform can also manage multiple algorithms for a single procedure, prioritize and flag results in the Synapse PACS worklist, and store radiologist feedback on the AI results to continuously perfect algorithm accuracy.
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Digital Radiography

FDR D-EVO III detectors

FDR D-EVO III detectors are the world’s first and lightest glass-free detectors incorporating Fujifilm’s patented ISS capture and antibacterial coating. 20–40% lighter and more durable than previous models.


Introducing the all-new FDR D-EVO III G80i, a revolutionary long-length detector that is significantly more portable, with a new wireless, lightweight, and thin design. This new model is perfectly suited for spine and leg surgery uses along with traditional upright long-length exams.

FDR X-ray Suites

Fujifilm offers a wide selection of DR suites to help you provide the highest quality of care. This year's RSNA will showcase the latest generation of our FDR Clinica (OTC) suite, with new features designed to further simplify patient care.


A leading system in customer satisfaction and reliability, and one of the smallest, quietest, and most agile full-sized portables available. The FDR Go PLUS helps simplify and speed workflow, minimizes patient disturbance, and provides physicians with X-ray-room image quality from the most challenging bedside exams. Now available with FDRD-EVO III glass-free and long-length detectors.


A unique mini point-of-care digital X-ray system with the flexibility to image just about anywhere. Perfect for in-department dedicated uses, isolation, and private practices. The 12-hour battery can easily handle high patient caseloads and remote environment uses.
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Digital Mammography

ASPIRE Cristalle

A high-sensitivity 3D mammography system with low dose and exceptional image quality. Features our patented Comfort Paddles and our new Comfort Comp software for a more comfortable exam. The system provides fast image acquisition and reconstruction times. Soon available with Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography.

Synapse 3D

An essential solution within Synapse 7x, Synapse 3D’s server-based technology performs state-of-the-art image analyses that assist with interpretation, reporting, and treatment planning. The comprehensive technology offers customized settings for optimized workflow.  
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Computed Tomography

Scenaria View

A powerful, premium-performance CT solution that provides versatile clinical application capabilities, with available advanced clinical modules for interventional CT, extended coverage shuttle scanning (for perfusion exams), cardiac CTA, and dual-energy examinations. The system employs 64 discrete detector and electronics channels over a 40 mm detector coverage and reconstructs up to 128-slices per scan rotation.

Persona CT

Our revolutionary, multi-use platform, 85 cm CT. Persona CT’s unique combination of high-resolution 64/128 slice imaging with an 85 cm EFOV and 660 lb table-weight limit offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility for high-quality imaging, regardless of patient presentation or positioning. Featuring a compact, streamlined design engineered for reliability, it fits tight spaces, installs quickly, and is extremely versatile for a higher return on investment.
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OASIS Velocity

Time to reset your thinking on open MRI! Velocity is a high-field open MRI scanner with the unique patient comfort and accommodation benefits of open-sided MRI now joined by workflow and quality-focused RF coil and reconstruction technologies. Velocity provides outstanding image quality, short exam time, and operator ease-of-use benefits to hospital and outpatient providers.

Echelon Oval

Optimal patient comfort and performance at 1.5T. The unique widest bore gantry, feet first patient orientation for all scans, docking table and fast imaging architecture make Oval the 1.5T choice for community hospitals and busy outpatient centers.
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FDR Cross

Two-in-one C-arm and portable X-ray solution with truly unique pivoting tube and removable detector, designed for intensive care, emergency room, and intraoperative use. Offers fluoroscopic and added flexibility in radiographic image capture in a single platform.

Persona RF Premium

A multi-use R&F room system that incorporates a 17 x 17-inch DR detector and the added ability to perform full general radiography imaging, enabling greater flexibility in use and higher return on investment. The system provides real-time imaging for skeletal, digestive, urinary, respiratory, and reproductive systems or specific organs, including the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Persona CS

A powerful, all-in-one, compact, mobile C-arm system designed for rapid single-unit positioning, even in the tightest spaces. With a 5 kW generator (over twice the power of typical compact C-arms), Persona CS is perfectly balanced to provide superior X-ray performance without compromising on maneuverability.

Persona C

Designed for easy, precise navigation and imaging across a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures. This powerful system boasts 20 kW X-ray generation and features a range of anatomical programs specifically designed to cater to patients of all sizes without compromise. One of the lightest and most maneuverable systems in its class.
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Ultrasound for Guidance and Diagnostics


An advanced beamformer and a host of automated workflow tools enable sonographers to image even the most difficult patients quickly and efficiently. Innovative acquisition techniques eliminate focal-zone dependence and improve overall signal-to-noise. Supporting advanced features such as shear wave measurement and a variety of general-purpose and specialty probes, the ARIETTA 750 is designed to adapt to the needs of today’s busy radiology departments.


Striking a balance between size and performance, the ARIETTA 65 offers leading-edge technologies in a compact chassis. Its reduced size and optional battery unit make it ideal for both portable scanning and as an outpatient imaging workhorse. The ARIETTA 65 can easily be configured for cardiac, vascular, and OB/GYN applications, making it a versatile shared-service system.

ARIETTA Precision

Guidance is the fundamental purpose of all of Fujifilm’s surgical ultrasound technology. With the ARIETTA Precision, surgeons can navigate inside the human body and obtain the information required to immediately make critical clinical and surgical decisions.
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